NBA has made major changes to the game this upcoming season 

NBA has made alot of changes to the game this upcoming season.
They have changed the trade deadline from February 23 to February 8 which was 10 days after the All-Star break which will now 4 days before the all-star break.
This change is made after All-Star PF DeMarcus Cousins was traded near the end of the 4th quarter during  the All-Star game in a deal which sent him to the New Orleans Pelicans to reunite with fellow All-Star teammate Anthony Davis in a shocking blockbuster trade.
NBA is also starting the regular season on October 15th which is 15 days before the original star date on October 30th.
NBA will be making the gameplay more quick and flexible by cutting the timeouts per team and amount of time for each timeouts.
The NBA have made this decision because near the end of a close game, the timeouts that are suppose to be 20-seconds and 60 seconds would actually last 60 seconds and 120 seconds respectively, which slows the game completely.
Each team will have 2 timeouts regardless if they didn’t use their 5 timeouts during the game and each team will have one 20 second timeout and one 30 second timeout.
Referees will also give a delay-of-game penalty if team isn’t ready on the court and each team has one warning , if they receive an other delay-of-game, the refs will start handing teschnical fouls which would give the opponent one freethrow.
In my opinion, I think this is good change made by Adam Silver because I watch many games and sometime I feel when theyre is 2 minutes left in game , it feels like 45 minutes.

This will increase the pace of the game which will be fun to watch and well see how it turns out.
NBA have also discussed on giving teams a day rest before nationally televised games that appear on TNT, ESPN and ABC.
It hasn’t been agreed but they are close to reeching an agreement which i think it should be good because teams like this Cavaliers, Spurs and the Warriors have benched and rested their star players on nationally televised games which hurted ratings , fans and members of the TNT, ESPN and ABC.
They also mentioned key games, because it was the number one topic discussed during this past season.


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