Knicks have began talks with  Suns Guards Knight and Bledsoe

New York Knicks are looking for a point guard to backup Knicks draft pick Frank Ntilikina and possible a mentor to start over the rookie point guard.

Brandon Knight is a really decent point guard, he’s really athletic and he’s a consistent shooter from long range.

Knight is also known to get dunked on by NBA centers and is also known to miss uncontested wide open game  winning layups .

Eric Bledsoe is a more better point guard because he can play defence and play offence.

Bledsoe and Knight have similar gamestyle but Bledsoe isn’t afraid to take tough shots and has made clutch buckets when it comes down to it.

Phoenix Suns are reported to be interested in SG Courtney Lee and PF Kyle O’Quinn.

Eric Bledsoe would be a good piece to add the Knicks roster if Melo decides to stay, because he is obviously a better player then rose because rose is injured and hasn’t been the mvp rose since his injuries the past 4 years.

Knicks are always reported to be interested in key guys so we will see if the new gm of the Knicks pulls a move to convince Melo to stay in NY.


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