What team would benefit the most with Carmelo Anthony?

Each team that doesn’t have that immensely colossal body upfront in the PF Position or that doesn’t have a star in the SF position, Melo would benefit these teams but he is lackadaisical towards joining teams that doesn’t have a roster who is capable of making noise in the NBA Playoffs.


Teams like the Incipient York Knicks belong in the NBA Development League, because the roster is abysmal, management is a mess, and the locker room atmosphere is beyond horrible.


They’re is no chemistry between the whole team except for Kristaps Porzingis, Melo and Courtney Lee.


If Melo stays with the Knicks, which is unlikely, because he verbally expressed that he is lackadaisical towards playing for the Knicks, the team would be on a plethora of fire, and the team would go downfall even though its already is on a downfall.


The Knicks have no players that have a mentality to work strenuously, give your best effort, and be solemn about victoriously triumphing.


The Knicks franchise are a disaster, and have become one since their playoff run ended when  they had  Jason Kidd, JR Smith, Melo, Tyson Chandler, and Amare Stoudemire.


Carmelo Anthony needs to get out of that mess in Incipient York, because he has struggled himself, has been injured multiple times, and Melo has made deplorable decisions himself additionally.


From resigning a extension with the Knicks for the money, and from playing in the ALLSTAR game while being injured.


However, there was one team, 3 years ago, he would have benefited the most was the Chicago Bulls.


That lineup featured Derrick Rose, Jimmy Buckets, Joakim Noah, Tag Gibson, if he joined that team, they would’ve been competing with The Cavs, and the Warriors.


Now, the Bulls have none of these players, and Melo joining that team, would make it worst because the Knicks and the Bulls, have nobody and are expected to battle for the worst team in the NBA this upcoming season.


Melo has verbally expressed he will waive his no trade clause to the Houston Rockets or the Cleveland Cavaliers, but he is additionally fascinated with joining a team that is proximate to NY to be with his son.


Toronto is additionally a team Melo has no problems joining, because they are the 3rd best team in the east, and need one player to compete with the Celtics and the Cavs.


Toronto Raptors have never had a superstar in the SF position, and Melo is a great fit for them and its a great fit for him.


Portland Trailblazers Sentinels CJ and Lillard have met with Melo to recruit him to Portland, but it wouldn’t be a great fit for Melo.


Portland is a jump shooting team, and don’t get me erroneous, Melo is one of the best scorers in his position in the NBA, in my opinion, but for Carmelo Anthony to be great, he posts up, rebounds and gets aggressive, and the style of Portland isn’t suited for Melo and Melo has withal verbally expressed that he wont transmute his game, to win a denomination because he kens, what Melo does, is unceasable.


Kobe Bryant once verbalized that the hardest player to sentinel is Carmelo Anthony.


If I had a cull of sending him to either Cleveland or Houston, id trade him to the Rockets.


Melo wouldn’t be aggressive in Cleveland, he would take less shots, and would probably play less because at times, he isn’t a good advocator.


Rockets need a scorer, because Paul isn’t going  score 30 a game, he’s gooin make everyone preponderant, and average 10 to 13 assits a game, but he isn’t a scorer, he is a pass first point sentinel.


James Harden is a slasher, which betokens he can score 30 a night but could withal move the ball and do everything but he isn’t the great advocator as well and inclines to fall back on defence, and commit imbecilic fouls.


Which Carmelo Anthony would benefit the most, because Melo is a volume shooter, and teams will fixate on CP3 and Harden because its a pernicious duo, Melo would have facile jumpers and could average 20 points and 8 rebounds a game.


Both teams have to pay a price to get him, Love would be a great target for the Knicks, him and Porzingis in the front court would be a nice duo but Irving is additionally a possibility because Knicks haven’t had a elite point sentinel other than Kidd and Rose.


Rockets would only have to give up a couple of draft picks because they would culminate in the top in the West, its not authentically a high draft cull, but the Knicks would take anything right now, they most likely integrate a Ryan Anderson or Eric Gordon.


We hope Melo Wont Return to Incipient York This Season, ITS A MESS IN INCIPIENT YORK CITY!




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