Kyrie Irving has requested a trade out of Cleveland!


Kyrie Irving, has shocked the NBA with his trade request, and he is the last guy who would even request a trade.

Kyrie, the guy who made “THE SHOT” over 2-time MVP Steph Curry, that won the 2016 NBA Finals which got Cleveland First Denomination in 60 years, one of the best points sentinels in the NBA, the magician in the crossover, his faculty to shake his advocator and get to the rim that is unceasable, wants to leave Cleveland.

According to several reports, Irving doesn’t optate to play alongside LeBron.

You put him on any team, and he will make that team preponderant.

Its been withal reported that Irving has given his teams he would to play with, The horrible Knicks, Miami Heat, Minnesota Timberwolves and the San Antonio Spurs.

Cavaliers have additionally been fascinated with giving up Kyrie to NY for Melo, and a first rounder, but offer hasn’t been on the table yet, but Knicks seem intrigued since Kyrie has shown interest in Incipient York.

Kyrie doesn’t relish how LeBron is handling the team, and doesn’t relish people who give up after losing, and this is all reports, this might not be true, but you can verbally express that it is, because when Kyrie is requesting a trade, something is erroneous, its a shock, and LeBron has reportedly verbally expressed he was blindsided by this trade, which I would be with him.

we know who Kyrie is, he is one of the best players we have in this League.

Where ever he goes, the team will be preponderant.

We hope Kyrie gets traded to a team in his cull, because all we optate is him to be blissful, because we are a fan of Kyrie, but we aren’t fans of Cleveland.

Good Fortuity Kyrie!



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