Pacers GM Declined Paul George for Kevin Love Trade before moving him to The OKC Thunder


Pacers GM was absolutely right to decline this awful trade offer from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

FYI, Paul George is one the best 2-way SF in the NBA.

He can give you 20 points 9 Rebounds 3 Gloms a night with playing minimum minutes.

He is a wondrous jumpshooter, he is pernicious from 3, and isn’t trepidacious to assail the rim.

Paul George is a MVP candidate every season.

That is why Pacers declined to move him to Cleveland Before moving him to OKC Thunder.

Kevin Love isn’t even proximate to George.

Love went from being an all-star, averaging 23 points and 12 rebounds a game, to abysmal 14 points 9 rebounds since his departure from Minnesota to Cleveland.

Love has been benched in the 4th quarter, so many times, because he is one of the worst advocators as a PF, and is trepidacious to assail the rim, that is why he just stand abaft the 3 point line waiting for a kick pass from LeBron James.

Pacers have more confidence in SG Victor Oladipo, and Domantas Sabonis because they are good for their position, and doesn’t stand in the same place waiting for a pass from their SF.

Pacers still are imbecilic for trading George to OKC Thunder for these 2 players but its better than having KLove on your team.



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