Kyrie Irving Trade Request is not the same like Kobe Bryant's request back in 07



Kobe has nothing to do with Irving request, and doesn’t have time to get into the drama in Cleveland commenced by LeBron James.

However, we got tired of the comparison between both Kobe and Irving request being treated equipollent.

Back in summer of 2007, Kobe Bryant went on a interview on, verbalizing he is unhappy with the Lakers, he additionally verbalized Lakers are not earnest about acquiring victory, and have no clue of playing basketball, this comes after losing to the second seed Phoenix Suns in the 2007 NBA Playoffs in 5 disappointing games.

Let us remind you, media guys, that team only consisted of one star who was himself Kobe Bryant, they’re was 2 other players who were decent in Lamar Odom and Rookie Andrew Bynum.

Other than these 3 players, nobody on the team made an effort to play, and Kobe had enough, and let us additionally remind you Lakers culminated the season 42-40 which was enough for a 7th seed but they scarcely booked a peregrination to the NBA Playoffs.

All the minute lamentable things the Cleveland Cavaliers had this past season was nothing compared to what your about to auricular discern for your information, regarding the 2007 Lakers.

During the season, PF Vladamir Radmanovic was fined half a million dollars for lying to the Lakers about his injury.

That signifies he doesn’t care about the game of basketball, and Lakers didn’t hesitate to fine him half a million dollars.

Lakers withal had injuries to Benchwarmer Luke Walton, Draft Bust Kwame Brown, and star Lamar Odom.

Kobe endeavored to carry them in an abundance of games, but he cant do it alone which is why he got tired of management bringing useless players, and Phil Jackson , the coach at the time, wasn’t hard on those players who show no effort during practice and games.

Phil Jackson additionally encountered his first 7 game losing streak.

Kobe Bryant is 100% percent right to request a trade, because what was going on, was a mess, it was worse than what the Incipient York Knicks are going through right now.

To bring Irving trade request, the difference is Kyrie’s team was one of the top teams in NBA, they reached 3 straight NBA Finals,  one year ago, they came off a comeback series victory after being down 3-1 to a team that had one of the greatest customary seasons in NBA History , the 73-9 Warriors but this past Finals, they came up short in 5 games to Durant, Curry and The Golden State Warriors.

The Cavs ran into minor quandaries during the customary season, near the mid point, Cavs ceased playing defence, and LeBron had enough, and repined because he wanted a Fu**** passer, but he still averaged 8 avails, and he was the point sentinel, and he has been the facilitator since he arrived in the League, but LeBron James always repines and Kyrie Irving request is not equipollent to Kobe’s, because Kobe’s didn’t have 3 all-stars, they didn’t have a PF who used to average 20 10 a game.

Media , Stop Bringing Kobe Bryant into the commix, you should authentically fixate on Inculpating Your Favorite Player LeGm James.

2015 NBA Finals - Game One

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