Is Kevin Durant Better than LeGm James?

Affirmative, KD is much better than LeBron James in so many ways, and KD replying to a fans question on his YouTube channel wasn’t out-of-bounds because all he answered was NAH! after a fan commented that LeBron James is better than you.


LeBron James Attacks the rims, repines on not getting calls after a turnover, or a missed Field Goal, repines about management when he is limpidly The Gm of the Cavs.

 Kevin Durant surmounts the game, he dotes the activity of playing computer games like  popping 3s and midrange jumpers and can posturize the people who will live after you are dead and get to the free throw line, but KD additionally is kenned for joining a team that beats him which transpired last year, when OKC Thunder has a 3-1 series lead in the Western Conference Finals against the 73-9 Warriors which they later blew the lead, and KD joined the Warriors the following year, and got himself his First Designation and Won Finals MVP.


KD is a champion, he is coming off a History Performance in the NBA Finals, scoring 30 points every game, and has been scoring 30 points every Finals Game he has played dating back to the 5-game Series lock to the LBJ in the 2012 NBA Finals.


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