Knicks exercise the fourth year option on Knicks Star Kristaps Porzingis

Finally, The New York Knicks make a smart move in years.

Porzingia is the future of Knicks Basketball, and this move was a good one by the Knicks.

Porzingis has been working hard this offseason abroad and in the US with Current and Retired NBA Players to work on his game on offence and defence.

We all know what he can do on defence, but he wants to be more focal on the offence, because if Kristaps extends his game more further, he can be deadly because of his length and his size.

Porzingis is coming off a season which he averaged 18 points and 7 rebounds a game which he averaged over 32 minutes a game in his sophomore year.

He shot a better percentage in 3 point and 2 point field goals which he hopes to average a 20 points and 10 rebounds , becoming a better passer, shot blocker and a better shooter.


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