Kyrie Irving To The North?

Is it time for Raptors to have an authentic true superstar point sentinel?

Conspicuously, this is unlikely because the Raptors don’t have the assets the Cleveland Cavaliers want in reciprocation but the Raptors were able to at least get a call with the Cavs involving Kyrie Irving.

We all ken what Irving bring to the table and for him to play alongside superstar SG from USC DeMar DeRozan , it will be pernicious because Irving is an impeccable point sentinel for the raptors.

GM of the Raptors were able to have a verbalize regarding both point sentinels in Lowry And Irving, but there was a possibility of Jonas Valanciunas, Powell and a couple of first round pick but Cleveland didn’t decline but the Answer for every offer from the 29 teams was: We will get back to you, we are weighing our option!

We just have to wait and visually perceive what the Cavs will do with Kyrie because this is authentically germane, because its not always a superstar Point Sentinel is on the move during his prime.

We Hope Kyrie Leaves and can Start a franchise with him running the Point.


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