Is time to panic for The  health of Celtics Star Isaiah Thomas ?

After a MVP-Like  season for the Short point guard for the Celtics, backstopping Boston to be first place in the Eastern Conference ahead of the Cavs.

He suffered an injury earlier in the season which got worst during the NBA Playoffs and was only able to play the first game of the Eastern Conference Finals.

IT decided to not get a surgery on his hip but it comes with a price, he has been working hard during the summer and its been reported that he may not be ready by training camp.

Celtics should take it easy with Thomas and Thomas should wait until it’s fully healed because I’d gets injured the same spot he could be forced to get a surgery and would end up like Derrick Rose because he didn’t wait and rushed and now his knees are very bad.

Thomas is the heart of soul of the Boston Celtics , without him Celtics are nobodies.

Thomas has been in the trade talks regarding Kyrie Irving but it is just talk because Thomas is a amazing player and you don’t want him being in these rumours because he won’t resign in Boston if it Continues.

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