Should Wade Join Cavs or Return to Miami ?

Wade is expected to meet with LeBron James later this week to talk as friends but we all know It’s Wade ‘s Turn to Join Lebron’s team.

LeBron joined Wade’s team back in 2010 until 2014 .

Wade would be a huge addition for The Cavs because he can defend and his ability to get to the rim with ease is deadly , same goes for his mid range pull-ups and he is a very improved 3 point shooter.

Wade is still athletic despite his knees problems and can give you 18 points 6 rebounds and 5 assists a night.

Cavs are expected to give him the Veteran Minimum which is likely to be around 2 Million Dollars.

Miami Heat is also a destination for Wade, the team that he played for most of his career and Heat are also offering around the same amount of money.

He will be 2nd or 1st option regardless if he joins Cleveland or Miami.

If he joins LeBron in Cleveland, he has a chance to help LeBron beat Irving in the Eastern Conference Finals and possibly guard Klay or Steph in the NBA Finals or if he joins Miami he can dismantle the King and shock the World.

Wade will be A HOF when it’s all set and done!

Hope Wade Joins Miami.

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One thought on “Should Wade Join Cavs or Return to Miami ?

  1. If he wants to win a ring he should go to the Cavs, but other than the Heat being his old team, I don’t really see a reason why he should go back to Miami. He even won 3 championships playing for them


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