Is John Wall the best 2-way Point Guard in the NBA?

He’s not the best but we would put him top 10.
He is one of the best flashy passers in the NBA , don’t get me wrong on that, but he is also an improved jump shooter but he still isn’t consistent from 3 and midrange.
John Wall is a good defender and is right up there in average steals but if he was the best defender in his position, he would have faced Cavs in the Eastern Conference Finals and not Boston.
A 2-way point guard is a player that can defend just as good as his offence and in Wall’s case, he is a great and improved offensive point guard but he’s not great at defence the same way he is on offence.
Top 10 2-way PG
1. Russell Westbrook 

2. Chris Paul

3. Kyrie Irving

4. Kyle Lowry

5. Mike Conley 

6. Tony Parker

7. John Wall

8. Steph Curry 

9. Kemba Walker

10. Cory Joseph 

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