Cousins To Cavs ?

Lebron James is a bitch.

He wants to win every year even tho he Is expected to reach his 8th consecutive NBA Finals.

Everybody will agree with me that the 09 Lebron is the best player of all time but since he left Cleveland I wouldn’t even put him top 30 of all time.

Every time he goes home after losing in the playoffs , the same offseason , he goes on press conferences and complains about anything from the management all the way to the sweeper boy.

In 2007, when he got swept in the NBA finals by the Spurs he said that he was the only player and was playing with bread crumbs like players which is insulting if you were on the 2007 Cavs.

In 2010, after losing to the Celtics in back to back Playoffs , he said that he can’t do it alone and he was tired of it so he chose to not resign and have a tv show to tell to the world he won’t be signing with the Cavs and said he will take his “Talents”” to Miami , Florida in which he recruited himself and Bosh to Miami even tho Bosh signed with Miami before Bron signed but it was all a plan during the season in which they met and decided to pair up .

This past season, Cleveland Cavaliers was the 3rd team in NBA History to have 3 allstars and still have the worst defence in the NBA.

James also got tired of losing to The Golden State Warriors, he decided to recruit every allstars in Boogie Cousins, Dwayne Wade, Russell Westbrook, Paul George and Carmelo Anthony which led to Kyrie Irving Requesting a trade which he got traded to Boston .

LeBron doesn’t want to work hard , he wants it easy for him, and then his fans avoid when they say LeBron has allstars but the only thing they bring up is he averages 27 7 7.

Kobe played with one team in his long career despite having touch games, and tough losses.

MJ played with two teams but he played with an other team in his last years in the NBA.

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