Wade is officially a Free Agent

After numerous reports, that Bulls were reported to buy DWade contract, which apparently would be done in months finally got done yesterday evening.

Bulls and wade agreed to buy him out for 23 Million Dollars and it’s been reported Wade gave Bulls 8 Million.

Wade will officially wear a new uniform and will officially play for a different NBA city this upcoming season.

We all know what Wade can give you, he can still score as he averaged 19 point a game and can still play defence, so you are getting an veteran all around player in Wade.

Wade thanked the Chicago Bulls for the opportunity he was given to play for his hometown team and he also thanked the fans for their support through the ups and downs as Wade ran into some locker room problems and some teammates weren’t happy to play with Wade but Wade was always happy and Bulls needed a rebuild that is why they didn’t resign Rajon Rondo, traded AllStar SG Jimmy Butler to Minnesota and now bought out Wade.

30 teams are expected to make a pitch for Wade but officially we know 3 teams that are already talking with his agent to sign for the Veteran minimum which I believe is around 2.5 Million Dollars that includes his former team Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs and obviously the Cleveland Cavaliers.

We believe the best spot for Wade would be all 3 teams because if he does reunite with his bro LeBron he gets to start and will be used as the 3rd or even 1st option and will play good minutes.

If he goes to Miami, it’s been reported that the Heat are only interested if he comes off the bench which I see not happening because it’s Wade and he’s not old and rusty and bad he’s a hall of gamer and he still got it.

If he joins Pop in SA, he will get to start and will be used a lot because so many injuries can happen and Wade can play the 1 and the 2 so we will see what happens but we wish him good luck!

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