Are the OKC Thunder title contenders with Russ, PG and Melo ?

Yes they are because they have 3 allstars that can take over a game on any given night.

Before we get into any predictions, we neee to wait and see because they need to gel first and in today’s nba teams always struggle when they acquire a superstar.

It happened with Lebron and Bosh joining Heat in 2010, Love joining Cavs in 2015, and KD joining Warriors in 2016.

Russ will still do his thing at the point guard position dropping dimes and grabbing boards and hitting his dribble pull up midrange jump shots but the coaching staff haven’t decided what position Paul George and Carmelo Anthony will play.

Unless Thunder acquires Wade ( which is unlikely because it’s reported that he will commit to Cavs on Wednesday ) or acquires a decent shooting guard, then George will play SF and Melo will go back to PF to whom he played the last 2-3 years for the Knicks.

OKC needs a couple of more pieces to finish the puzzle because Russ, PG and Melo can’t play 48 minutes so they need to rely on the Bench guys to change the momentum if they are struggling or can give them decent minutes while the Big 3 take a deep breath.

Russ will average more assists , average more points and possible grab less rebounds , he will take over the NBA when the big 3 gels in Oklahoma City.

Watch out Kevin Durant.

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