NHL Preview: Game 1 Toronto Maple Leafs 0-0-0 At Winnipeg Jets 0-0-0 7: 00 PM TVA, SNET

Conclusively Hockey is Back!

First Day of the NHL season commences tonight with the Maple Leafs playing the Winnipeg Jets at The MTO Center in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

We all ken who is the tale of the tape in this Canadian matchup.

Rookie of the year champion Auston Matthews will go head to head against an other phenomenal rookie in Patrik Laine.

Matthews, the Phoenix native, played in all 82 games last season, scoring 40 goals , availing on 29 goals , which got him 69 points.

He withal played in the playoffs in a hard-fought losing series, whom he scored 4 goals, and 1 avail.

it will be a nice matchup between the top 2 rookies in the draft as they were drafted 1st and 2nd respectively.

Patrik Laine, the Finn Native, is additionally coming off a marvelous season, in which he scored 36 goals, and 28 avails, which got him 64 points.

Lamentably , his team didn’t have the right pieces to make the playoffs but they were in the western conference, which is the hardest conference, but the Jets are great team to visually examine, because they are more of a defensive team but they have some expeditious skaters so we will visually perceive if the Jets will transmute their playstyle and become a better team.

For the Leafs, they had one of the best seasons they had, in years.

they had over 6 players with 50 points, and 4 rookies with 60 points which is a record, and the veterans played well withal, bozie and JVR, Kadri.

Leafs have a great goalie who played very good in the playoffs and leafs had a chance to beat the number one team in the NHL in the Washington Capitals as 5 of the games peregrinated to a neck and neck overtime period.

You can catch the game between the Leafs and the Jets on TVA and Sportsnet at 7: 00 PM Eastern Time.


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