Grizzlies are ready to win now with point guard drama

Memphis Grizzlies have decided to let go of 2016 draft pick Wade Baldwin, who shown a bit of jump but he didn’t get a lot of playing time because Conley and Harrison ran the show.

Grizzlies decided to keep Harrison and sign pint guard Mario Chalmers who was released last season due to injury.

Memphis are ready to win now with Conley, and expect for Chalmers and Harrison to battle for the backup point guard but it’s likely Harrison will play at the SG position because Ben Mclemore has suffered an injury and will play limited minutes until he heals up.

Chalmers isn’t your typical point guard but he is a quiet point guard who shown ability to hit big shots and catch fire from deep, as we seen him hit the biggest shot in college, with Kansas knows as the big shot maker.

He also hit career high 9 3 pointers while playing for the Miami Heat with LBJ,Wade and CB1 againt the current team he signed Memphis Grizzlies.

He also scored 28 points in the 2011 NBA Finals hat gave the heat the 3-1 lead over the OKC Thunder.

Great move by the Grizzlies but we will see because Grizzlies are known to go through injuries to their guards, and they need guards because Tony Allen decide to sign with The New Orleans Pelicans.

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