Its time for the Packers to sign Donald Trump Villain Colin Kapernick.

Injuries keep on coming in the NFL for the League’s top stars.

GreenBay Packers Superstar QB Aaron Rodgers was added to the list this evening after he was hit to the ground after throwing the ball away.

which will make the favorites of the NFC to rely on QB Brett Hundley the 24 year old QB from UCLA who played after Rodgers got injured, didn’t do well as he threw for 3 interceptions, one touchdown and 157 passing yards in 18/33.

that’s bad news for the Packers as Rodgers might no be able to play in the playoffs if they do make it, but the defence is top notch, which will be the only way the Packers could stave off playing without their allstar Quarterback.

Which leads to an idea for the Packers to search for a quarterback in the freeagent list which includes numerous famous quarterbacks as in Tony Romo, Tim Tebow, and last but not least the villain Colin Kapernick.

Out of these quarterback that are free agents, the one player that could make the Packers good is Colin Kapernick.

Romo is a retired quarterback who is not officially retired but he is a free agent, and is currently on the broadcast team on CBS on NFL Sundays, and he is injury prone, which he will likely get injured if he does play, his back is a glass, and he has only won 3 playoff game which is kind of mediocre according to Stephen A Smith.

Tebow hasn’t been in the league since his waste tenure with the New York Jets and hasn’t been playing football ever since, he has been playing baseball and is currently playing for the AAA Mets the minors for MLB.

Kapernick the villan of the NFL, the most hated player in the world right now, and the most hated player by the President of the united states which could bring a lot of heat if Kapernick signs with GreenBay, but its the best move for the Packers and the bad move because GreenBay could be the most hated team in the world if they do sign Colin , the player that started the kneeling, the taking a stand kind of stuff and the disrespect of the flag.


We wish Aaron Rodgers a safe recovery and we hope he can comeback for Week 16 or before playoffs because he is fun to watch and so are the Packers.


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3 thoughts on “Its time for the Packers to sign Donald Trump Villain Colin Kapernick.

    1. I understand your point , and I do agree he disrespected the flag which means you disrespected the military and stuff but it’s the only way to take a stand to show that racism hasn’t been fixed with police and black people.


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