Richard Jefferson will join Denver Nuggets on a one-year deal

SF Richard Jefferson have agreed to join his 8th team Denver Nuggets on a one-year deal worth a reported 2.3$Million dollar deal according to ESPN.
He is coming off a 2-year tenure with the mostly-talked Cleveland Cavaliers.
He was the center piece , and the reason why the Cavs came back from a 3-1 deficit in the 2016 NBA Finals and won in game 7 to the 73-9 Golden State Warriors, as he started and play big minutes after a loss in game 4.
Jefferson will be playing for 8th NBA City, as he played with the New Jersey Nets for 7 seasons, played for the Bucks for one season, 3 seasons with the Spurs, 2 seasons with the Warriors, one year in Utah, one year in Dallas, and the past 2 seasons with the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Jefferson has been known for his defence back in his days, he isn’t your typical SF, but he can hit some big shots, and is pretty decent on defence because of his size, he defended Draymond Green, and Harrison Barnes back in the 2016 Finals.
Jefferson did play well in the 2017 NBA Finals, as only his only game on where he was a factor, as he defended KD half of the game, and led KD to a 1-7 shooting while defending him and that game was the only game Cavs won, as they lost to 5 games to the Golden State Warriors.
Jefferson was recently traded to the Atlanta Hawks as the Cavs were over the luxury tax, and had to move him for draft rights to a couple of rookies who currently aren’t in the NBA.
Hawks were reported to waive him as soon as the trade went through, and they did.
His move to Denver is kind of a good move, as the Nuggets lost Danilo Gallinari, as he signed with the LA Clippers.
Jefferson will play good minutes, as his task will be to defend key players, and has the ability to shoot 3s and he still got the jump to get to the paint.
With Jokic improving, the signing of All Star Paul Millsap, this team is about to make noise in the Western Conference, but they wont beat the elite teams, but they can give them a bit of competition, and you never know, anything is possible.

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