Lonzo Ball makes his debut tonight

Finally, Ball Brother Lonzo will finally make his long anticipated debut for his first game.

We have been waiting for this moment since he became famous for his crossover and after breaking the defender’s ankle , he helped him up.

Lonzo Ball will be the starting point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers.

He was drafted first overall by the Los Angeles Lakers.

He was a top recruiter , as his main skill is to make everybody around him better, he is a great rebounder, but number one thing is to improve his scoring and his outside shot is not amazing but he will improve as he plays more games.

Lonzo Ball is great defender but he needs to hit the weights and having more conditioning if he wants to compete with league’s strong guards in the likes of Russell Westbrook, John Wall, and etc.

We expect Lonzo to be in the running with the Rookie of the year, as he will compete against the likes of Ben Simmons, Markell Fultz, Dennis Smith Jr, De’Aaron Fox.

Lonzo doesn’t have the best layers around him, but they are young and upcoming players.

They have a 3 and d player in KCP who is a great defender, and is pretty decent from behind the arc and can attack midrange.

Ben Ingram, last year number one , who increased his wingspan during the summer, is also an improved 3 point shooter and is expected to get most of the shots as he is compared to Kevin Durant.

They have a lot of rookies down the lineup who can make a quick impact , as we will see how it will turn out.

Don’t be surprised if Lakers attempt to be buyers at the Trade Deadline as Magic Johnson number one priority is to make sure Lonzo have the good pieces around him to make the Lakers a playoff team and contend with the loaded western conference teams.

Good luck Lonzo at your first game! Just Play your game and don’t get injured!

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