Opening Week draws huge Injuries

NBA is Finally here.

Best offseason in years since LBJ joined Miami on a reality decision show.

Most of the leagues allstar switched nba cities, filled with rumours , trade requests, has finally started for real.

But it wasn’t a good week for most of the teams, as 2 players already suffered season ending injuries.

Gordon Hayward lasted 5 minutes before landing awkwardly on his leg which broke his tibia and sprained his ankle which will cost him the whole season and possibly more as Boston Celtics can only pray and wait as his recovery is expected to be 7-12 months , we wish him the best and speedy recovery.

Celtics season isn’t over, they still have one of the leagues best point guard in Kyrie Irving, who can beat you off the dribble and can go and get whatever he wants.

This is his chance to shine because one of the main reasons for his trade request it’s because he wanted to be the guy and run his own team and it couldn’t be more scripted than this.

They still have Al Horford who is a great defender and rebounder and can also step from outside and take the 10 footer.

They still have young guns which will Kyrie will make them better so we will see if Kyrie can handle the load and beat the odds as the odds are all against him with the loss of SF Gordon Hayward.

An other huge injury occurred, to an other young and upcoming team in the Brooklyn Nets.

As Jeremy Lin , known as Linsanity, landed awkwardly on his knee while going for a floater, he sprained his knee pretty bad, as he knew once he felt his knee, he said I’m done.

Nets lose a key piece in Lin but it ain’t over until it’s over.

D’Angelo Russell who moved to the shooting guard position this season, is expected to be the point guard for the Nets on whom he played with the Lakers last season.

Kirkpatrick and Levert are expected to log more minutes with the loss of Lin, which will change because Lin is only a 15 5 5 player, but he’s the leader of this team.

I expect the Nets to play well because they want to low the value of the draft pick that was originally owned by Nets but belongs to the mostly talked Cleveland Cavaliers.

DPOY, Draymond Green also injured his knee in opening night loss versus Rockets but it isn’t serious but you never know.

We wish everybody a fast and a speedy recovery!

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