What is going on in Cleveland ?

Cleveland Cavaliers just had their 2nd defeat of the season and this is the second loss to an other bad team in the Brooklyn Nets, as they also lost to Orlando in their first loss.

Lebron played PG again but this time, he didn’t know how to close it out and failed in the clutch once again because he has no clutch gene.

LeBron has a triple double but it doesn’t matter when you choke late with 2 straight missed free throws and s costly turnover near the end which I have no idea why LeBron set s play where PF Kevin Love would pass on a hailmary when they clearly could’ve passed to Bron half court not full court.

LeBron finished with 8 turnovers and wasn’t able to handle the ball quite well.

Kevin Love also has a bad game as he only scored 15 points and 12 rebounds when he was mostly guarded by Trevor Booker.

Love had the advantage in the matchup and clearly didn’t take advantage of it and was mostly shooting jump shots when he could clearly dominate the post against booker.

JR Smith continue his struggles as he only scored 2 points on 1 for 9 shooting and Jae Crowder only scored 5 points and has only scored 16 points in his last 3 games.

Green, Korver and LBJ were the only players making an impact on both ends as Cleveland were bad on defence as they lost to a team that don’t have Russell and Lin due to injuries.

Cavs need to step it up because the way Cavs are playing might not even get them to the playoffs as the only games they played well was against the Bucks.

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