Should we worry about the Cavs playing Awful defence after consecutive Losses to BKN, NOP and NY?

Cleveland Cavaliers have now lost 3 straight games.

They started their losing streak in Brooklyn whom they lost by 3 after King James inability to make free throws down the stretch , and too many unforced turnovers which led to a disappointing loss at the Barclays Center whom the Nets didn’t have Jeremy Lin and D’Angelo Russell.

Their second straight loss came into the hands of the 1-3 Pelicans who they recently got their first win of the season against the Kings without The Brow , but he did return from injury against the Cavaliers.

Before we get into this game, The Pelicans set a record for most players with 29+ points in one game with 4 against the Cavs.

Pelicans blew the Cavs but Cavs stayed close with them until the fourth quarter which the pelicans pulled away as they were hitting red hot from downtown and they were attacking the paint which got th Cavs confused on defence which they have been confused since taking a huge lead in the season opening win against Irving and the Celtics.

They let a center drop a triple double on them by Boogie Cousins, they let a PF Anthony Davis drop 30 and 15 and they also couldn’t guard the most inconsistent backcourt of Holiday and Moore as they also dropped 29+ , as the big 4 shot over 62% percent combined from the field.

The lone cavalier who showed up to play offence was King James and Kevin Love but the whole team played no defence and weren’t into the game once the other team had the ball.

After back to back losses, you would expect the Cavs to wake up and play Cavaliers Basketball, when your home against the Embarassing New York Knicks , you don’t need to prepare for them or even watch film or research you just gotta play basketball and dominate .

As the opposite happened, the Knicks dominated the game offence and defence as the Cavs were playing zero defence , their transition D was beyond awful and were blown out by the Knicks late in the fourth quarter as LBJ only scored 16 points against the Knicks ?? Really?

Wade continue his stellar play but that didnt change their struggles as the Cavaliers have now suffered 3 straight losses and have been playing bad defence.

LeBron talked with us after the game and he said this is not the time to panic, we are still trying to adjust with the new players and showing them our culture as we lost a pretty Ball dominant player in The Kid in Boston and we still are recovering from injuries as Rose came back today and we are waiting for Isaiah to come back too, we will get better and we are only in October chill out guys”

Is it time to chill out when the Cavs are playing defence like this and losing to teams like NY and Brooklyn?

Before these losses, Cleveland had. 15 game winning streak against the Nets and a 10 game winning streak against the Knicks ended which means That nothing is right in Cleveland as people might think Cavs will get better with Isaiah Thomas gets back but he plays worst defence than all of them and he is a Ball dominant player like the kid Irving so it’s gona be a tough season for LeBron and the Cavs as we will see what management will do or LeGM or LeCoach will do as LeBron is everything for the Cavaliers.

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