Cavs continue to struggle as they suffered their 4th straight loss

Here comes the Pacers Gentlemen.

The Post George era has begun on a high note for the blue and yellow nation.

Pacers have started this season with big wins against the Spurs and tonight the Cavaliers.

Pacers ended the upset win in Cleveland with 3 players with 23+ points and they rebounded really well and also moved the ball against a really bad defence in the Cavaliers.

Cavaliers defence is so bad they can’t even defend Young, Sabonis, Collision and Oladipo.

Pacers played well from the get-go and hanged around with the Cavs until fourth quarter came in .

Cavs just blew it and just didn’t know how to execute for the 4th consecutive fourth quarter.

The Cavs 4 straight losses were all winnable games as they got close to BKN before missing free throws and gave away unforced turnovers. In New Orleans, they did get close but couldn’t defend the paint and the 3 point shooters in Holiday and Moore. In NY, you just can’t let the Knicks hang around because that team is awful everywhere and Cavs didn’t execute well and it’s time for something to happen in Cleveland.

This game comes a day after the Cavs held a team meeting before practice and they did hung out together for Halloween to bring back the team together but they continue to play bad .

LeBron was aggressive and scored 33 points , he also grabbed 6 rebounds and had 11 assists but it wasn’t enough as the whole team at time struggled to make shots but even if you score you still gotta defend and couldn’t guard pacers guards and front court.

Things are about to get to worst for The Cavs as they will face the Washington Wizards who also have been playing well but are struggling to hold leads as they suffered 3 losses out of 4 games against GS, LAL and PHX.

We will see if the Cavs will finally stop the struggles and get a huge win in Washington.

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