Should The Phoenix Suns continue rebuild with SG Devin Booker ?

Suns are struggling, and yes there are coming off a huge win against the powerhouse Minnesota Timberwolves thanks to a large part of Booker and PG TJ Warren who has had big game this early in the season.

The Suns aren’t consistent, even Booker has had 4-5 games on where his shot wasn’t going in, and if he not playing well, he tend to force things and goes over his game which leads to turnovers and stupid reach in fouls.

Booker is a great shooter off the dribble and can be like a Kobe or Steph Curry when he catches fire as he dropped 70 points last year in a loss against the Boston Celtics on where he was mostly guarded by Defender Jae Crowder.

Other then that, if you go down the bench, there is literally no one that can take over the game on both ends as they recently trade the other player who had killer instinct potential in Eric Bledsoe in a trade with the Bucks and the Suns got Greg Monroe in return but the suns are expected to waive him sooner or later.

To end this discussion, the Suns should build off the young rookies on front with Marquese Chris and TJ Warren and trade Booker to a team that has veteran players and a player that can help the team , and a player that can average 20 5 5 on any given night.

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