Report : C DeAndre Jordan drawing trade interests from teams

The rumour is back in Lob City 2.0.

After finally snapping their season long 9 game losing streak, thanks to a Blake Griffin Triple Double the clippers were able to escape a 10-game losing streak.

Clippers are also coming a roster overhaul in the offseason after Trading Superstar PG Chris Paul to the Rockets in which they Received Sam Dekker, Villain Patrick Beverley and Montrez Harrell and a first round pick.

The only good thing about this deal is PG Patrick Beverley who is one of the best defenders at the point guard position but his weakness is in the offensive end as he shoot pretty low from midrange but is quite average from behind the arc, he is similar to SG Andre Robertson who is one of the best defenders in the NBA but he is horrendous on the offensive as he shoots under 30 percent from the free throw line, doesn’t attach the paint, and he has struggled shooting the 3.

To make matters worst for the Clippers, PG Patrick Beverley will miss the rest of the season after having a successful surgery on his knee.

Sam Dekker is a former top 10 overall pick in the draft for the Rockets and he is still a rookie as he officially played good minutes last year because he never did play teal basketball before last year as he was only on the floor in garbage time and last year he was off and on the rotation, but he is a good 3 point shooter and a decent defender for his size and length.

The last player they received on this deal was PF Montrez Harrell who is known to have one big game every season but only once or twice as he is very inconsistent but he is a good and aggressive rebounder and shot blocker as he was only on the floor in Garbage time last season in which he played a lot of fourth quarter minutes because the rockets would blow out teams so early with their 3 point shooting and James Harden running the offence.

Clippers also got rid of SG JJ Redick as the Clippers didn’t see eye to eye in a deal as he was a free agent because he wanted Paul to stay and he wanted the Clippers to wait because they later find out that SF Danilo Galinari would be interested in joining the Clippers regardless of Paul staying or leaving .

The Clippers didn’t wanted to wait because they wanted to change the culture of the franchise after failed to go past the First round last year after losing to the Jazz in 7 games and also failed to pass the second round for 4 years in a row with the trio they started of Paul-Crawford-Reddick-Griffin and Jordan.

Jamal Crawford was also let go as he was put on waivers after being traded to Atlanta, and drew interest from many contending teams in GS and Cle and OKC but was interested in joining a up and coming young team and loved the road that the Minnesota Timberwolves are going and that’s why he got interested and signed a one year deal.

LA Clippers are clearly rebuilding and It would be a great idea to build from the ground up with Griffin and Jordan but LA has other plans.

Clippers loves his defence but his offence is nowhere unless he gets a lob or a putback and gets hacked and you know what you will get from DeAndre Jordan from the free throw line as he is abysmal from there but he is shooting better but it’s still bad.

Jordan has drawn interest from the Cavaliers, Warriors, Raptors, Celtics, Rockets.

Cavaliers are reported to come with a offer of cursed Tristan Thompson and BKN pick.

Hope he stays With Lob City or moves to Lob City 2 in Houston.

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