Mamba Out!

What a tearful night and exciting for fans in the world and myself had a tear watching Kobe Bryant raising his jersey to the rafters number 24 and number 8.

He had his final words with Owner Jeanie Buss and President of Basketball Operations of the Lakers Magic Ervin Johnson before dropping the mic and saying Mamba Out!

What a career it was for the Black Mamba!

One of the best Shooting Guards next to Michael Jordan , and one of the best as he came in the NBA through High School.

Kobe Bryant was under appreciated early on as he was traded during draft night from the Hornets to the Los Angeles Lakers back in the 1996 NBA Draft as he was drafted 13th overall before they traded him.

Kobe Bryant resume speaks for itself as he retired from the NBA 2 years ago.

He still holds the NBA Record for most seasons played with one team as he played his whole career with the Los Angeles Lakers, that’s 20 seasons.

He is a 5-time NBA Champion as he beated the Pacers in his first title in the 2000 NBA Finals after injuries that’s costs him the second half of Game 2 and missed Game 3 and came back game 4 with a bang as he put up 22 points in the second half and led the Lakers to a huge victory in overtime as Shaq fouled out in the game early.

Lakers end up winning the series in Game 6 to clinch Kobe’s first title and the Lakers first title since 1988.

Lakers end up winning for 3 straight Finals years In a row .

The year after his first title, Kobe improved in all ways stats and mentally as the Lakers won 56 games that year and that year started rumours about Kobe and Shaq not seeing eye to eye. Lakers won their 2nd title after finishing 16-1 in the playoffs as they beated Iverson and the 76ers.

Lakers end up winning their 3rd straight title one season later but that came with a lot of fight as the Lakers didn’t have home advantage in the NBA Finals against Sacramento Kings which the Lakers end up winning in 7 hard fought games.

The Route of 3 straight NBA Finals came to an end as the Lakers lost to the Spurs in six games who eventually won that title that year and it was the season Kobe went off as he averaged over 30 points a game , he averaged 40 points in February and he also scored 40 points or more for 9 straight games and he also averaged close to 7 rebounds and 6 assists to go alone with his 30 points and lastly he also set a record at the time for most 3 pointers in one game with 12 against the Seattle SuperSonics.

The next season, things started to blow up as Kobe was arrested for sexual assault before the season started, and he missed a lot of game time due to court dates and appointments during the day on game days and the Lakers chemistry started to disappear and before throngs got worse they were able to acquire 2 Allstars to help them reach the Finals as they acquire PG Gary Payton and PF Karl Malone.

They got things back and they did Reach the NBA Finals but they were upset by the Bad Boy Pistons in 5 games.

Kobe ended up winning 2 more titles , once against Dwight Howard and the Magic , he won his 5th Title the year after against the Rival Boston Celtics.

Kobe has so much injuries but played through them and may be the best Laker to ever put on a jersey .

Thank you Kobe Bryant !

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