Pierce vs Isaiah Thomas

If you had them on a ring, the winner would be pierce because his size and his height.

Pierce acting like he’s the best player off all time with his recent comments regarding having a tribute for Isaiah Thomas during his jersey retirement which will be

On the day the Cavs final regular season game in Boston unless they face each other in the Playoffs.

Pierce met with Danny Ainge regarding this problem as he told him Isaiah pulled you and the Celtics you by not having the tribute the first game because he didn’t want to because he didn’t play but now he wants one.

Does he really need a tribute ?

Well he did had one of the bests offensive regular seasons in Boston Celtics history with his 28 point per game and his 14 Points per fourth quarter scoring.

He only played 2 seasons with the Celtics, which got them 2 Playoffs seasons but were eliminated by the Cavaliers both years and yes he backstopped the Celtics to first place last season but it didn’t get them to the Finals last year.

Like Former Celtic Rajon Rondo, commented saying we don’t hang people or make tribute for people that have conference titles or playoff spots.

He’s right, Thomas doesn’t need a video tribute but he does need a thank you from the fans and a standing ovation for his time with the Celtics and for him playing last season despite his sister died during the second round of the NBA Playoffs.

For pierce, I think he needs to calm down and to not start problems because he isn’t a Kobe or a Kareem to have a huge tribute as people don’t put him as top 10 Celtic but I would put him the 3rd best Celtic.

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