LeBron Aka LeCoach and LeGM is frustrated

I don’t care about the Cavaliers recent struggles. This is the NBA regular season. The Cavs could be the 8 seed in the east and still make the finals. LeBron knows that he can lead the team to the finals no matter what. It just adds to LeBron’s current frustration with the team. It isn’t the main problem. The problems are the things LeBron cannot control. He can’t control Isaiah Thomas and Kevin Love fighting. These are grown men with large egos! It’s hard to tell them what to do. He can’t control the fact that he is trying to spread the ball around (most assists per game in his career), but his teammates cannot help him. He can’t control the fact that Jae Crowder and JR Smith are having terrible season so far. He can’t control Dan Gilbert wanting to sell the Cavs. He can’t control the moves that have been made over the offseason. LeBron knows he could have gotten Bledsoe or Paul George instead of Isaiah Thomas and he knows that would have been better. In the Cavs offense, LeBron is the point guard no matter what and that is okay. Knowing how the offense works, they decided to get a 5’9” point guard and force him to play out of his comfort zone. Also, Thomas is a huge defensive liability and the Cavs knew that if he came the defense would be even worse than it already was. The way Paul George was traded, he knew that the Cavs easily had the assets to get him, but they did not. Instead, they have a 5’9” point guard, a small forward who is having his worst season ever, and a lottery pick. How is LeBron supposed to be happy with a lottery pick this late in his career? How do you think he feels? LeBron is still in his window of dominance and the Cavs decide to plan for the future instead of ensuring that the greatest player in the world has the best talent around him. He does not have time to wait 5 years for this pick to be something. He is running out of time. He needs to win now. This losing streak shows that the cracks in LeBron’s team are beginning to show. He cannot have cracks in a conference that has a rising Celtics team. LeBron is mad because all of the players he could have gotten are having great years. He could have built a dynasty in Cleveland with guys like Paul George and Isaiah Thomas. There is only one solution that can save LeBron. He must leave the Cavs.

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