Is it over for The Soap Opera Cleveland Cavaliers ?

With everything going wrong for the Cavaliers, from being the worst defensive team , to Isaiah Thomas being the worst defensive player with his numbers on the defensive end for the first time in 25 years.

Kevin Love broke his hand in a loss to the Pistons as he only lasted 5 minutes and he is expected to be out 1-2 months which is good for him because he has been blamed for their struggles and for leaving the game early one week when they got blown out by the Thunder 148-124 as he has an illness and was sent home which the players didn’t like it so once they had a meeting they all took the blame to Kevin Love.

Kevin Love is their 2nd best player on every category and for them to blame it on him which makes this team such a soap opera and that start with the drama queen LeBron.

LeBron should be their leader and defend his allstar teammate because who they’re blaming is wrong which got Love riled up and decided to troll their past 3 games.

Now Love is injured, he gets to relax probably go on vacation because he needs to avoid this soap opera in Cleveland and their defence will get worst as it’s already bad.

Is it time to LeBron to carry this team like he did back in 2007?

He needs Thomas to stop chucking up shots and forcing it because bilieve it or not, Thomas has 4 turnovers in the first 3 minutes of the game.

We believe Cavaliers should have this lineup until Love comes back from injury.

Derrick Rose PG

Dwayne Wade SG

LeBron James SF

Jeff Green PF

C Tristan Thompson

They should have JR Thomas Crowder and Korver off the bench and have Thomas running the 2nd unit as he used to be one of the best players off the bench for so many years before he became the starter near the end of the season on which he got traded to Boston.

When Love gets back, he could go back on PF and split minutes between Korver and Green.

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