James Harden goes Full Beast mode in 60 Point Triple Double

Are we still going to disrespect Harden and give Westbrook the MVP because he had a historical season with triple doubles but shooting 5/20 every single game ?

It’s time to reward Harden the MVP!

He just played on the greatest performance in Houston Rockets history and the first time in History that a player goes for 60 10 10 and he only shot 30 times and made 19 of them.

Harden is so good that his triple doubles comes with great efficiency!

He doesn’t force it and he doesn’t shoot contested jumpers all day like Westbrook does.

Harden went off and let’s look at this performance tonight:

James Harden

60 Points

10 Rebounds

11 Assists

19/30 FG

17/18 FT

5/14 3PT

This performance was done without AllStar PG Chris Paul.

If you guys were wondering why I’m all over Russell WestBrook it’s because the only reason KD Left OKC 2 summers ago it’s because Westbrook kept shooting up shots contested ones instead of getting other people involved because once he hits 10 assists he’s going to walk up the floor and just pull up.

They literally had KD one of the best shooters in his position just standing in the corner.

If OKC didn’t blew their 3-1 lead we wouldn’t be talking about Russ and KD.

For Harden he needs to keep going because he is underrated and one last thing I forgot to mention is that he has playing on a good pace coming off a injury so props to Harden and the training staff.

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