DeMar DeRozan awful ending to a record breaking season

What a embarrassing playoff performance for a caliber allstar .

We have never seen a star player play garbage like this after having its best season in franchise history.

DeMar DeRozan changed his gamestyle as he was an evolving player as he elevated his game with his ability to play defence, shoot from 3 and be a better passer but in this series he made Zero Threes, averaged only 3 assists, and played no defence as his only defensive game was in game 1 when he had 3 blocks .

This isn’t a knock on the Compton native but we are very disappointed in how he played against the Cavaliers.

We are very angry here at We Talk Sports .

We think the duo of the Raptors should take things more seriously and stop doing all the jokes and funny moments between the duo as every time they face the Cavs they become soft and forget how to score and they just shit the bed.

Coach Casey might get deserved for credit for putting this Raptors team in the playoff for so many years and making this team better and improving wins year after year but the decisions he has made during the playoffs in crunch time and in general have been so bad.

Back in 2016, Raps faced Cavs in Conference Finals, Raptors elected to go with skinny inconsistent SF Demarre Carroll instead of putting big body hard noses SF James Johnson on LeBron and he never used James Johnson during the whole series which would’ve made him an impact.

The problem with the Raptors is the decisions the coach makes, he barely uses Jonas Valanciunas as it’s hard to bilieve JV has never played more then 40 minutes in a game .

Casey always takes him out which gets us mad and might be costing his job at this point.

He might win Coach of the year but he needs to go , we need a big change here in Toronto.

Raptors need a coach that will teach them how to play playoff basketball and be serious with each other , raptors have always been labeled soft and nice but that’s why teams always come in and dominate them.

Every game tbeh is always a guy having big numbers

If your not gona fire Casey, your gona have to breakup the friendship between Kyle and DeMar and start getting someone good because it’s clearly not working.

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