Drama in Wizards Nation

What is going in Washington D.C??

Wizards were once in conversation to upset LeBron James in recent years as they dominated Lebron Cavs over the years during the REGULAR Season, and those game were close until the end.

But Cavs were lucky to avoid Washington because the Wiz match up pretty well with the Cavaliers.

But lets get to the Real Business why the Wizards are on the news lately.

Wizards are coming off a huge comeback win over the Clippers Tonight after being down as much as 20 to the suprising clippers.

Lou Will Got ejected for yapping to the Refs, and was close to fight with the refs as well so They Ejected him before it escalated.

John Wall and Bradley Beal finally went off, as both played really well in the second half, but that doesnt change anything, they are 6-11 on the season.

Wizards have been blown out by teams in their home floor which shows that they dont care for an other, and things got more hot when they met for practice.

Wall had a altercation with Role players in Jeff Green and Austin Rivers for basically yapping, and blaming themselves for their Poor Performance this season.

Wall also went after Brooks Saying F*** You. He was later fined by the NBA For doing so.

Beal also had heated argument with ALLSTAR PG John Wall and other players, which is pretty stupid and non-professional.

They deserve to be traded, and you cant have those kind of players in a any Locker room or any team.

I dont care about These Wizards, never did, and never will but what pisses me off is that Wall has talent, hes one of the fastest and athletic guards we have seen, hes a true point guard, gets everyone involved, but he should show example and be the man during tough times, and not blame the role players for not doing their job.

The Problem i have with wall is that, hes not an actually Elite Point Guard, because him, Russ, and Paul they do get their Double Digits Assists, but once they get 10 to 15, and its closing time, they will chuck up shots contested, instead of moving the ball like theyve been doign all game they decide to play HERO BALL ISO, which has never worked for these guards, and you can see it, as only Westbrook has Reech the Finals which was 7 years Ago.

this isnt the main reason i have a problem with Wall. I am TICKED OFF because he is the veteran on this team with Beal and Porter, he should meet with the guys, and explain that this is a team game, not blame people and coaches and curse at everyone.

Wall is Trash for that reason, and Beal has been playing worst than Wall, but both have been struggling as a team, and i really thought this team would improve when they traded Marcin Gortat, and got a hard noses PG in Austin Rivers, and when they signed Dwight Coward.

Things have been horribly bad and lets hope Wizards can build off this win and Get the team together because the EAST is wide open right now and the Wiz are not taking advantage which will prob cost their backcourt and company if things dont improve on the court and Off The Court.

If John Wall was to be traded, i wouldn’t trade him, i would trade Beal, but if that wasn’t the case, I would Trade Wall To Phoenix, as that team would be good because Suns need a true point guard, if you pair him up with Booker and Ayton it will be fun to watch.

I would trade Beal To LAL For KCP and Ball. LAkers need a shooting guard right now, and beal is the perfect fit for Lebron as he can run off screens and get their 3point shooting percentage up.

Good Luck Wiz!


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